SeaWays Autopliot system – set your destination and go!

You already have an optimus joystick. Did you know it is just a software update to add SeaWays Autopilot to your boat without having to add an entire new system into your electronics. No additional cutting into your dash, No more additional hydraulic pump lines. No more crowding of your dash with more electronics. Just let us add the software to your existing Optimus 360 and SeaStation set up and you now have autopilot. Come talk to our factory trained staff at Tide Yacht Sales and let us assist you with the best steering system on the market today.

Heading Mode

Autopilot holds a desired heading. Boat may drift with wind and current.

Track Mode

Autopilot holds a desired course over ground. Boat heading may be changed by the autopilot to hold the desired course.

Route Mode

Autopilot follows waypoints provided by third party chart plotter. Boat heading will be changed by the autopilot to follow the waypoints.

SeaWays autopilot system is a simple enhancement (update) to the Optimus 360 system using
the CANtrak display and can use the same heading and position sensor as SeaStation.


  • SeaWays will be included with SeaStation and is accessible using the CANtrak display that is part of the Optimus 360 system
  • Uses GPS-compass technology
  • Heading not affected by boat roll and pitch
  • Always provides true north
  • The display image is simple, making it easy to engage one of the 3 modes and understand what the boat is doing
  • Track mode will compensate for wind and current keeping the boat on course
  • Now you have SeaStation (GPS anchor) and Autopilot all in one System from SeaStar

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