Boost your steering and throttle performance

Does your boat have older Shift and controls that are still part of a hydraulic steering system? Let Tide Yacht Sales boost your steering performance and throttle controls with SeaStars Electronic Engine Control System. Eleiminate cables for throttle and shifiting. Go digital and eleminte hydraulic lines running to your helmn with our EPS system. We will give you more control over your boat than you had when it was new.. Tide Yacht sales your steering specialists can asssit you with numerous upgrades to give you more safety, more control and better performance from your existing motors.

Shift and Throttle Actuators

The i7700 actuator contains both the shift and throttle actuator within one compact housing and are not only powerful enough to manage the shift and throttle functions on the most extreme applications, they are also exceedingly responsive and robust. The actuators are linked to the control heads via a single 1/4” (6mm) CANbus cable making cable routing incredibly easy. In addition, the i7700 actuators have a mechanical back up “get home” feature which allows simple manual control should the need arise.

Style, Control and Functionality

The simple to install i7700 electronic control system replaces the existing mechanical control system. Why wrestle with your mechanical controls when you can have the benefits of electronic controls for a fraction of the cost of a new engine. The smooth movement of the electronic controls enables much greater handling of the throttle and a fluid transition between gears. This translates into better control of the boat in all applications ranging from sport fishing and cruisers to commercial vessels. You will find it hard to go back to mechanical controls after the smooth and reliable response you get from the i7700 electronic controls. Regardless of the type of engine and drive, i7700 can provide precise control and comfort for your boating application.


  • Mechanical override “get home” feature
  • Trolling mode
  • Add a station kits available – total of 3 stations
  • Meets: ABYC P-24, CE, EN 60945
  • Neutral warm-up
  • Dual engine RPM synchronization for single handle operation
  • Incorporates neutral start protection
  • Adjustable control lever drag and detent settings
  • Works on 12v systems
  • Programmable shift delay
  • Comes with 30’ of harness to connect actuators to control head
  • Utilizes standard CCX633xx type control cables – Xtreme type recommended
  • Optional independent trim switches (HA5491)

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