SeaStation holds position and heading via GPS

Let Tide Yacht Sales add SeaStation to your existing Optimus Joystick docking control. With SeaStation it gives you extra control to hold your position or when too deep to anchor but at the same time want to cast on a floating kelp patty. The system will make it easier for your to catch more fish without having to worry about the position of your boat.

No physical anchor required

When you are trying to locate that ideal spot over a reef or a wreck, SeaStation is ideal. Just hold your position and heading, drop your lines and see if you have success, if not, simply move to another location and engage SeaStation. No physical anchor required SeaStar Solutions has applied the same smart algorithms to SeaStation as you have experienced with Optimus 360 joystick control to reduce unnecessary shifting and jocking of the engines while providing superior position and heading functions for a large selection of engine platforms. Captains have told us that we can’t have the jarring from the engines shifting and unnecessary movement as it does not sound good and also could impact the fishing outcome. We took this input seriously and we are confident SeaStation will be a fishing enabler.

Another common use for SeaStation will be when you are waiting for a spot to open at the dock or waiting for a bridge to lift. Simply push the A button or A&C buttons on the joystick, acknowledge via the Color CANtrak display and the boat will hold its position. When ready to take command, simply toggle the A and/or C button off for control with the joystick. As SeaStar adds more functions and features to SeaStation they will be available with s/w updates.

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