Why Joystick Docking?

Total control

Joystick Docking is an improved way to be able to maneuver your boat. A joystick gives you a whole new dimension of control. Not only can you move your boat forward and back like normal binnacle controls but the joystick allows you to move your boat sideways with no bow or stern thrusters. All the movements are just from your engine.

Progressive Throttling

This best use is during low speed maneuvers in the marinas and while docking. With progressive throttling the joystick becomes an extension of your hand. A light push of the joystick provides minimal thrust while more thrust is available by pushing harder on the joystick. When it comes to docking it even makes a novice look like a pro.

Joystick Steering Control

The joystick is just one part of the system and a culmination of three subsystems. These systems working together allow your boat to make the movements it has not been able to do before.  First is the Optimus smartCylinder that ties into the Pump Control Module that controls the hydraulics. This then ties into the helm steering. The steering on your boat becomes like your car. Easy to turn and easy to control with our Electronics Power Steering control (EPS). All of these items work together to give you better handling and performance out of your boat.

With the joystick those tight slips or docking maneuvers become easy that anyone can do it with just a couple hours practice. Now when docking you do not need two or three people with you to prevent you from hitting the dock or bumping into another boat. You can easily control your boat even if you are alone and perform docking procedures by yourself that you would have never been able to do before.